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Audiolibro Be Well

El autor del libro Be Well es Dr. Jessica Clemons y el narrador es Dr. Jessica Clemons. Este libro pertenece a las categorías Éxito personal, está narrado en Inglés y su duración es de 5 horas y 46 mins.

¿Quién es el autor del libro Be Well?

El autor del libro Be Well es Dr. Jessica Clemons

¿Quién es el narrador del libro Be Well?

El narrador del libro Be Well es Dr. Jessica Clemons

¿En qué lenguaje está narrado el audiolibro Be Well?

Este audiolibro está narrado en Inglés

¿De cuánto es la duración del audiolibro Be Well?

La duración del audiolibro es de 5 horas y 46 mins

¿En qué formato está el audiolibro Be Well?

El formato del audiolibro es: Grabación original


¿A qué categorías pertenece este audiolibro?

Este audiolibro pertenece a las categorías: Éxito personal

¿Cuál es la descripción de este audiolibro?

Resumen del editor

From board-certified psychiatrist and social media star Dr. Jessica Clemons, a.k.a. “Dr. Jess”, comes Be Well, a comprehensive, accessible guide to the most common mental health conditions, treatments, and overcoming the stigma surrounding these topics to seek out the care you and your loved ones deserve.  Most of us know how to take care of ourselves physically – we do our best to exercise, eat well, and get enough sleep – but when it comes to our inner lives, we tend to be far less diligent. Not only do we move through our unrelenting to-do lists with no time and space to recharge, we’re not even aware of many of the (often invisible) symptoms affecting the tens of millions of Americans living with mental illness.   Dr. Jess is working every day to change that. A New York City psychiatrist and social media star, she’s made it her mission to make mental health care universally accessible and to reduce stigma associated with mental illness, particularly in the Black community. Be Well is an informative, inspiring audio experience that will teach listeners all about anxiety, depression, therapy, daily practices for more mindful living, navigating the health-care system, and much more.   No matter where you are on your mental health journey, Be Well is the perfect primer for understanding and maintaining this critical (and too often overlooked) element of wellness.   

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